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Listen to these informative podcasts and gain further insights into the lives of professional athletes around the world. Experience outdoor sports and adventures by listening to the experts.

Outdoors with Hiking Bob

Bob Falcone is a professional hiker that has been trekking for decades. He shares news and tips about outdoor activities in the Pikes Peak region. He specialises in trails, outdoor clothing, equipment, politics, photography, destinations, volunteerism, tourism, and preparing for a walk on the wild side of life.

Out of Bounds: Outdoor Sports

This podcast streams from Massachusetts, USA. The show runs weekly, and it is hosted by the famed Adam Jaber, who has many years of experience in the ski and bike industry. Listen to a blend of entertaining commentary and knowledge. Adam is joined by professional athletes, CEOs, and others to discuss the world of outdoor sports.

Pertnear Outdoors Podcast

Pertnear is a channel for avid outdoors people. This show shares their adventures in hunting, hiking, fishing, and camping. They have decades of experience in all things that have to do with an outdoor lifestyle. They present listeners with education, news, tips, and interesting conversations about extreme sports.

Adventure Sports Podcast

This sports podcast streams from Denver, Colorado. Listen to interviews every week. The host invites adventure sports enthusiasts from around the globe to share their stories and experiences. Listen to stories from explorers, guides, athletes, adventurers, and business owners who live their lives pursuing fulfilment through adventure and the outdoors.

Road Dog Podcast

Luis Escobar is a photographer, trail runner, race director, and mentor to professional athletes. He specialises in discussing extreme sports. They cover trail races and ultra-running adventures around the globe. They hold interviews with athletes in rock climbing, mountain biking, and triathlons.

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