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Rock Climbing - Where & how to get started?

Its important when you decide to take up rock climbing as a sport that its probably done in the safest way possible.

There are several ways to get into climbing
whether it be summer rock climbing, sport climbing, winter snow and ice climbing etc.

Now there are several ways to go:

  1. You have a trustworthy and experienced friend to introduce you.
  2. You join a club and they will introduce you.
  3. You teach yourself from books and videos. 
  4. You go on a structured course with qualified instructors or guides.
  5. You don't do it at all because Mum said its dangerous! Surprised

In the UK there are many climbers and they may well be safe enough and experienced enough to introduce you safely. Be wary though, try and climb with several people before you decide who's likely to have your interests at heart.

Joining a club is a great way to make contacts, some clubs are full of experienced and friendly members who might ( yes I said might ) take you climbing as a novice.
Club members are getting fairly paranoid about being sued, so this is more difficult than it used to be when I started out.

Teaching yourself - great fun.. just be damned careful and take it slooow!

Courses are great! short sweet and give confidence, learn from others mistakes - don't re-invent the wheel and generate your own.
There are reasonably priced courses and instruction available with BMG (British Mountain Guides) and AMI members (Association Of Mountaineering Instructors)
Look for the logos for qualified instructors - no logo displayed .. be wary they are probably just starting out as freelancers.

The AALA logo ( Adventure Activities Licencing Authority) is also a sign that the outfit has been checked out too.

Which ever path you choose.. do your research and be careful.

Climbing shops

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Good luck.






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